Thursday, February 26, 2009

BitDefender Antivirus

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BitDefender Standout Features

1. Effective antivirus protection
2. Light footprint on your computer


You might think antivirus software that’s this easy to use and this inexpensive might not be as effective as products with bigger brand names and bigger price tags, but you would be wrong. is among the most prestigious, independent research laboratories in the world for testing antivirus software. In recent tests, BitDefender received their highest rating for having removed 98% of all viruses and spyware in their rigorous tests. In addition, BitDefender has received the highest ratings for effectiveness by Virus Bulletin (VB100%) and AV, and was certified by ICSA, and West Coast Labs for its ability to detect viruses and virus replication while minimizing false positives (detecting viruses that are not there).

The new BitDefender can actually strip viruses from your incoming HTML stream before the virus makes it to your browser. We think every new computer should be outfitted with this kind of protection.

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Bitdefender Antivirus 2009
Bitdefender Total Security

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