Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cyberlink YouCam 2.0

Cool Effects for Video Chats

Ever fancied yourself in Lincoln's shoes? As a talking dog? YouCam features facial-tracking 3D avatars - oh, and new effects for even more webcam fun!
Animated 3D Avatars - Choose among 12 impressive 3D avatars that blink, yawn, and nod as you do.
New Effects - Try out the new distortion effect to crack up your buddies.
Free Downloads - Download tons of frames and effects from DirectorZone to create the perfect picture.

2 Webcam Modes:
Live Chat and Video Recording

YouCam offers two modes for working with your webcam: live chat and video recording!
Live Chat Mode - Load your chats with video effects that will have you and your friends chatting for hours.
Video and Photo Capture Mode - Record yourself on video, capture a single photo, or photo burst.
Automatic Capture - Record videos by setting your recording time, or to start with the detection of motion.
Easy Sharing - Share with friends by uploading your recorded videos to YouTube.
( See real YouCam videos ).
Send photos and videos directly to friends via email.

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