Monday, March 23, 2009

STOPzilla 5

Ease of Setup/Use:

STOPzilla is simple to use and easy to navigate. The interface is very straightforward, with helpful tabs and a well organized design. Controlling the program is efficient, and the processes are easy to complete.

Scans run in realtime, so user interaction is reduced. Scans can be performed automatically or scheduled specifically, and include four different types of scans (quick, intelligent, full, and customized). Updates can also be setup to occur automatically for the most current and efficient protection.
Detection Effectiveness:

STOPzilla is one of the few antispyware programs we reviewed that has passed the West Coast Labs independent test and received a Checkmark Certification for spyware protection. STOPzilla successfully detects and removes all sorts of malware, including trojans, dialers, keyloggers, drive-by downloads, phishing, and even browser hijackers.

Removal Effectiveness:

STOPzilla is well equipped to not only detect, but defend from and remove potential threats. The STOPzilla team is constantly on the lookout for new threats, and send out updates as often as needed.

STOPzilla keeps track of infections detected and creates an activity log for later use. Furthermore, if you accidentally remove something that results in another program not working, you can rollback and restore to your previous working setup.
System Performance:

While the resource management by STOPzilla is decent, don’t be surprised to find a noticeable slowdown to your computer, especially while running the scans. You’ll definitely want to schedule the scans to run when you’re not working. Expect to sacrifice some speed for STOPzilla to run properly.

Scan Performance:

Full scans in STOPzilla usually take about 25 minutes. While this isn’t the fastest we’ve seen, it certainly is better than several other reviewed antispyware software. You are able to do other things while the scan is running, but again, we suggest you perform the scans when you’ll be away.


STOPzilla is a powerful anti-spyware software, working as a protective shield and proactive realtime malware scanner. STOPzilla has all the essential tools, with additional features and a slick interface. The scan tools and removal features keep STOPzilla well equipped to protect your PC. Overall, STOPzilla is a great anti-spyware solution.

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